CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Gobbler” Review

CHUCK "Chuck Versus The Gobbler" Season 4 Episode 12 – Last week’s episode left Chuck in yet another pickle: his girlfriend Sarah (despite about thirty minutes of dreary exposition he’s yet to ask her to become his fiancé) decided to go back undercover and become a double agent in order to infiltrate Volkoff Industries, rescue Chuck’s mother and restore her to her fretful son, all to make Chuck happy. So, where did that leave us this week? Was it a tour de force of television espionage and emotions? Was it a great episode of Chuck, finally overtaking Chuck Versus Santa Claus as the most powerful hour of Chuck tv? Or was it another build up episode which promised shocks, action, adventure and thrilling romance…in next week’s instalment?

Dressed in black, hair included, and going for the discount version of Scarlet Johanson’s Black Widow, Sarah eventually finds her way to Volkoff himself. Her takedown of three of Volkoff’s men was impressive, and I’m glad that neither Volkoff and Chuck’s mother believed her betrayal of the CIA. Villains are always more effective when they are smarter than or at least as smart as the heroes. The same applies vice versa, which rendered the prison breakout scene stupid on so many levels: the guard birthday cake diversion, the complete lack of rioting, Sarah walking through the unguarded prison floor without baiting so much as a wolf whistle. Read More...


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