'Skins' Season 1, Episode 2 Recap

So, here we are again for another episode of 'Skins,' which has turned out to be the most controversial show of the year. My husband bet me I wouldn't have a gig next week if sponsors continue to drop off, but if this series follows the pattern of the British original, it's likely that even some critics will find the vulnerability that lies beneath the "teens behaving badly" series compelling. What makes the U.K. version so great isn't the partying, the sex, or the drugs; it's the conversations, the angst, the deeper questions that get posed and often go unanswered, much like they do in actual adolescence.

But getting back to this second episode, it showed much more depth than the first, largely by focusing on the intriguing Tea and her struggle to reconcile being a young, beautiful, semi-out lesbian and a responsible, pretending-to-be-straight daughter to a mobbed-up Italian father and a doting Jewish mother. Read More...



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