HARRY’S LAW “Heat of Passion” Review

HARRY’S LAW "Heat of Passion" Episode 2 – David E. Kelley loves to swing the "ridiculous" stick, and when he misses the mark he can do a lot of damage. Luckily for us, he usually knows exactly where to swing it, and almost always hits what he aims at. I was warned away from Harry’s Law by friends, but am always slightly drawn to anything Kelley does. He is, after all, the guy who brought us Ally McBeal‘s dancing baby, and turned Captain Kirk into a half-mad, gun-waving, sheep-loving, Denny Crane-spewing lawyer. And those are marks against him, mind you.

You could argue Kelly’s a little out of his mind too. Who the hell would pull Kathy Bates out of film and onto network television? No one is going to accuse her of being the next Calista Flockheart. But this could work. Who doesn’t want to root for lawyers who defend the weak and impoverished? It has that little bit of Matt Murdock going for it. (That’s a Daredevil reference, y’all.) Maybe Kelley is crazy like a fox. Read More...



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