'White Collar' 2.11 'Forging Bonds' Recap And Review

A lot of answers get revealed in this week's White Collar - and in the tradition of the best mysteries, giving those secrets away only makes us more interested in asking further questions.

After getting his name from Julian Larsson last week, Peter is doing some research on Vincent Adler, and it's not pretty; there are plenty of newspaper clippings on how Adler disappeared seven years ago following an elaborate Ponzi scheme. He's surprised when, among all the copy, he finds a picture of Adler with Neal in the background - surprised enough that he decides to pay Neal a late-night visit, wanting to know how the two know each other. Neal replies that he just connected the dots himself, and says for the second time in two episodes that Adler is "the man who made me who I am today." This piques Peter's curiosity, and he wants to know more, but Neal balks and Peter knows why. Telling him the truth would mean copping to crimes he doesn't know about. Once he gets Neal's assurance that he hasn't killed anyone, Peter puts his badge on the table and tells Neal that he'll give him full immunity regarding anything he says until sunrise. Read More...



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