FYI, Dave Navarro Had a Condom Water Balloon Fight on 'One Tree Hill' Last Night

'One Tree Hill' is known for its out-of-left field WTF moments. Who could forget the time a dog ate a heart meant for organ donation off the floor of a hospital? But last night's show had the craziest one in recent memory.

What happened, you ask? Oh, you know, just Dave Navarro having a condom water balloon fight with a bunch of hot chicks in feather boas. Yes, that Dave Navarro, the one from Jane's Addiction. Your typical Tuesday night on The CW.

There's a semi-explanation (the girls ran into him while engaging in some 'Hangover'-style bachelorette party debauchery), but we think the clip really speaks for itself.

Just so you know, "What are you doing here, Dave Navarro?" is so the new "Stay out of it, Nick Lachey."


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