The Game 4.04 "The Wing King" Review

So tonight, The Game brought back the much needed laugh track, but did it fit the stark contrast between light and dark within the episode?

Let's focus on the light part of the episode first, which featured Melanie channeling Kelly as the president of the Sunbeams in tone with the tone and attitude to match. From her high horse, Melanie puts down one of the other football wives due to the girl's past as a video vixen. So Melanie has truly embraced the football wife lifestyle, which means she might could use a crash course in life, especially in the judgemental department. With that said, I didn't feel most of the message posited within the storyline.

Melanie was trying to show the at risk teenage girls they were hosting some hope in what an education could bring them. While I understand, and preach, that you can't judge a book by it's cover, I didn't appreciate that education got blown off in that scene in favor for dancing in some rap star's video. If Jazz had of thrown an education into her list of accomplishments, then I probably would've been "one hundred" behind her. Other than that, Melanie was in the wrong with her judgemental/jealousy spiel tonight, but if you take out that attribute, I can kind of see where she was coming from. To an extent. Read More...


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