Interview: "Southland" Co-Star Kevin Alejandro

Characters come and go on television shows and on a serious and very realistic crime police drama like TNT's "Southland" it was only a matter of time before one of our beloved regular characters would succumb to dangerous circumstances and die in the line of duty. In the "Southland" episode that aired tonight (entitled "Code 4," written by Will Rokos and directed by Felix Alcala) the close relationship between Kevin Alejandro's Detective Nate Moretta and Shawn Hatosy's Detective Sammy Bryant was punctuated throughout, which only made the final moments of the episode an even more impactful punch in the gut.

To catch you up, Sammy, whose estranged wife is possibly pregnant by another man, is sleeping on Nate's couch, much to the chagrin of Nate's spouse. The personal drama bleeds into the work front as the team investigates a gang-related homicide and Nate constantly must reign in the hot-headed Sammy. It's all the more shocking and heartbreaking at the end of the episode when, during a seemingly low-key gang altercation, the calm and collected Nate (who has just held up four fingers - or Code 4 - to apolicehelicopter overhead to signal that the situation is under control) takes a blow to the back of the head by a baseball bat in Los Angeles gang territory and is killed much to the horror of Sammy. Read More...


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