Pretty Little Liars' Pretty Big Secrets Revealed!

Got a secret…can you keep it?

Make that secrets: From Pretty Little Liars big season-finale reveal to all the latest Rosewood romances, we got the dish directly from show creator I. Marlene King.

Pinky swear you won't tell?

OK, we trust you. First, just in time for Valentine's Day, King reports that Cupid is flinging his arrows all over Rosewood. Here's the scoop on your favorite romances...and some unexpected new couplings:

Aria and Ezra: The series' star-crossed lovers are threatened tonight by the appearance of Simone [Supernatural and Veronica Mars' Alona Tal], Aria's [Lucy Hale] childhood babysitter. "She ends up having a crush on Ezra Fitz [Ian Harding]," King reveals, "so that's sort of an interesting twist for them." Since Simone doesn't return after tonight's episode, Aria must find a way to send her rival packing. Whew! Not so fast, says King: The "Don't Stand So Close to Me" couple will face another "stumbling block" in their relationship. "Ezra and Aria have their first relationship fight, and it has nothing to do with their ages, or the fact that he's a teacher and she's a student. It's just sort of a real relationship stumbling block that they're going to have to overcome." We're keeping the faith. At least Aria isn't starring on 16 and Pregnant. Read More...


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