One Tree Hill Review: Hungover... and Hilarious?

The video cameras were finally back in Tree Hill, NC after the long winter hiatus, and it may have been enjoyable for the girls of Brooke's bachelor party, but not for viewers.

On "The Drinks We Drank Last Night," the show paid homage to The Hangover, but it was simply a sub-par knockoff of that classic comedy.

One problem for me, which will come with plenty of boos and hisses from readers? I was not that big a fan of The Hangover.  Therefore, watching Brooke, Quinn and the gang stroll around town trying to remember everything that happened during their drunken escapades from the night before didn't do anything for me. 

Think about it: Watching Frank the Tank guzzle beers is hilarious in Old School because Will Ferrell is hysterical.  If the actors aren't funny, the scenes aren't going to be funny. So watching Alex, Millie, etc. remembering their evening just made me feel miserable for them. Read More...


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Jan 31, 2011 4:04AM EST

OTH has been going slowly downhill for a while. I only watch it now just in case it starts ti get better but it just seems to get worse. Nothing seems to happening in it much. I am rapidly losing interest. What happend to the drama? Its so boring now. I sometimes fast forward bits too cos its so boring. I dont think I will watch for much longer.

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