White Collar Review: "Forging Bonds"

During the aptly named "Forging Bonds," White Collar explored the relationships that have come to shape the show and its characters.

The episode was an interesting look into how Neal came to know Mozzie, Kate, Peter and Neal’s mentor, Vincent Adler. It was a more emotionally driven hour than what we’re used to on this show, but it gave us something to ponder and enjoy.

First, it seems my wish for more emotionally probative episodes and some more answers about Neal’s past came true. Not only did we get to see Neal before the suits, we also got to see Mozzie with a goatee and a toupee. I must say, though, that I much prefer Mozzie bald and without the facial hair, which we can all attribute to Kate’s flattery. Same goes for Peter, who sported a mustache in the early days. Read More...



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