LIGHTS OUT “The Shot” Review

LIGHTS OUT "The Shot" Season 1 Episode 3 – Omar the Armenien is the biggest hope Leary’s Gym has for digging them out of their financial hole. If he can win the upcoming fight against the boxing champion Harris, the future might look all the brighter. Once Johnny has secured the match, the only opposition is Omar’s ego, which dominates his fighting tactics and opens him up to a variety of weaknesses. In the end, it is his downfall. His downfall may have been more effective had I cared about his character, but a cheap, last minute montage which jumped from A to C plot- and character-wise does not a character make. When the screen cut to black as the Armenian Avenger hit the floor, I was not emotionally inflicted with worry. I was merely let down that the episode had ended where it did.

That’s not to say that this was a bad episode of Lights Out. The writers are very good at pacing the show. We got a glimpse into a rematch between Reynolds and Lights when the former tauntingly showed up at our hero’s house with gloves which he had purchased on television shopping. The show does not tediously dwell on the humiliation of Lights’ fall from boxing ring glory, but the forced smile on McCallany’s face is a reminder how far he has plunged. It is as strong a justification as any for the criminal and nasty behaviour he has been getting up to recently. Read More...


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