'The Game' 4.03 'The Wing King' Recap And Review

This week's episode of The Game starts in a familiar place: Malik's in the middle of some very bad behavior, and Tasha's calling him out on it. She tells him that he's getting a new assistant, and he claims that he's got it - only to turn around and tell his friends that he doesn't have it. This is no surprise, given that he's judging potentials by their physical specifications.

He eventually gets an assistant named Sheila, who has the IQ of a brick wall and is referred to by his mother as "an ignorant heifer." Tasha says that she's going to call Tee Tee, and Malik tells her that his former assistant is dead to him, but that doesn't stop her from doing it anyway.

Later on, Melanie is spearheading a Saber Sunbeam meeting, and gushing about a charity benefit she'll be hosting that weekend - career day for at-risk girls. No one shares her enthusiasm, so she forcibly recruits Tasha as "a cautionary tale" while trying to convince Jazz - Juvon's previously promiscuous wife - not to say anything. Read More...



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