SOUTHLAND “Code 4? Review

SOUTHLAND "Code 4? Season 3 Episode 4 - Wow. No hints, no clues, even a semi-fakeout with Tammi being reluctant to talk about the baby and then the woman’s shrill scream in the flashforward. I was gearing up for Tammi losing the baby and Sammy being there for her, but the reality? Wow.

Nate Moretta was my favorite character on Southland; smart, funny, a bit of a flirt, but a brilliant friend, husband and father. Halfway through the episode I had a fleeting thought about whether Nate working in Gangs could endanger his family, but that was about as close as I came to actually considering him dying. Sure, there was a clean-living man with a family not unlike Nate’s gunned down in the same episode, but it didn’t occur to me that they would actually kill Nate.

But his death highlighted some of the things I love about this show. Here is the death of one of the series’ lead characters, someone who has been there since the pilot episode and is loved by fans. On other TV shows you might get a spoiler released well in advance to warn you about the death, or the episode focuses mainly on that one character, or there’s some sort of cheesy telegraphing with everyone saying ‘be careful, watch your back’ and the like. On Southland there was nothing. When a lead character died it was brutal and final – and that only adds to the realistic quality of this show. Read More...


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