Recap Third Watch: Season 5, Episode 11 - A Call for Help

Third Watch Season 5 Episode 11 - A Call for Help

An anonymous caller informs police that someone is screaming for help. Bosco and Sasha are called to a quiet neighborhood by an anonymous caller who says he heard a call for help from below his window. They discover a 21-year-old boy named Tommy with a bad cut on his hand and call an ambulance to check him out even though he says he'll be fine. Cruz happens across them and lends a hand. Kim arrives with a bad-tempered Doc and they bandage Tommy's hand. In the meantime, Bosco and Sasha discover a huge amount of blood on the side of a building. Bosco searches Tommy and discovers that the boy is carrying two knives. Doc is furious that Bosco didn't search the guy before, and becomes livid when Bosco handcuffs Tommy to Doc's bus. Ty and Sully arrive to help out, as does Carlos with a second bus. Sasha thinks she sees a body in a shed, and Bosco uses Tommy's keys to open it. A badly disfigured bloody body rolls out of the shed door. Bosco and Sasha take a handcuffed Tommy to the hospital. Tommy just keeps making up new lies. Cruz seems to be softening around the edges a bit, asking for Sully advice and thanking people for doing things.

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