Recap Third Watch: Season 5, Episode 12 - Black and Blue

Third Watch Season 5 Episode 12 - Black and Blue

At Kim's urging, Jimmy agrees to keep their burgeoning relationship a secret from both their son and the firehouse. Sully and Ty discover a woman in her car who has been raped, beaten and robbed, and runs in terror when she sees them. Sasha and Cruz discover a woman who has been beaten and robbed near her car. The woman is unconscious, but her young son, who is hiding nearby, runs in terror at the sight of them. The cops realize there are two men posing as cops and terrorizing the neighborhood. Once the news gets out, being a cop becomes dicey. Sully and Sasha have to chase an elderly woman down who drives dangerously just to get away from them. Bosco and Cruz find themselves questioning, and pissing off, other cops. Kim, driving her mother's car, is pulled over by two cops, and realizes something is amiss. She maces one of them and runs for it, screaming for help. Cruz and Bosco notice her pulled-over car and come to her rescue. In the ensuing gun fight, one of the fake cops tries one last time to trick the cops into thinking he is one of their own, but Bosco sees through him. Kim, safely back in Jimmy's arms, says she wants to tell everyone, including Joey, that they are back together. When Sasha considers taking the sergeant test, Cruz mentions that she was promoted meritoriously for actions in the field, and worries that she's not a good boss since she never took the test.

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