Recap Third Watch: Season 5, Episode 13 - Sleeping Dogs Lie

Third Watch Season 5 Episode 13 - Sleeping Dogs Lie

Jimmy proposes marriage to Kim, and Kim happily accepts. A new captain, Jack Steeper, show up at the firehouse with no warning, and Doc is sure that he's there to shut the place down. Steeper informs Jimmy that he's been promoted to the Bed-Stuy rescue squad, a move that Jimmy is happy about. Jimmy and the other firefighters get called out to a warehouse fire in which Jimmy almost dies. When Jimmy talks later about how he was ready to die, Kim realizes she can't be married to a firefighter again, always worrying that he'll die in the next fire. Kim gives Jimmy back the engagement ring. Even though Jimmmy is no longer working out of the 5-5, he tells Kim that he's not giving up on them. When a little girl is hit by a car in Harlem, a group of teens hunts down the driver and the driver ends up dead. Cruz arrests Tony, a known felon, and Tony confesses to the crime. Sasha is sure that she saw Tony across town just before the crime took place, and finds an elderly witness who saw a different boy, Lamont, hitting the victim. Tony finally admits to Sasha that he's taking the fall for Lamont because Lamont is a straight-A student with a future, and the whole thing was really an accident. Sasha convinces Lamont to confess to the crime, but she's not sure she really did the right thing. Allie Nardo visits Bosco's mom, Rose, at the bar where she works.

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