Recap Third Watch: Season 5, Episode 14 - Blessed and Bewildered

Third Watch Season 5 Episode 14 - Blessed and Bewildered

When Bosco finds out Nardo visited his mother, he confronts the small-time gangster. Nardo then sets Bosco up to look like he's taking a bribe. Bosco and Sasha come back at Nardo by setting him up to look like he betrayed his boss. Two of Nardo's buddies are killed in a classic mob hit, but Nardo himself gets away. Kim learns to gingerly handle her new Captain, Steeper, but none of the paramedics are pleased when Steeper says they're no longer allowed to hang out at the firehouse. Doc is in a strangely bouyant mood, and encourages Christian, Carlos's brother, to come on a ride-along with him and Carlos. Doc decides to have a party at his beautifully renovated house, which is a raging success, and he makes sure to tell everyone how important they are to him. Doc manages to seduce Sasha Monroe with his smile and a spontaneous kiss. Carlos feels judged by his brother for not being a "professional," like a doctor, but his brother is just proud that Carlos has found this new "family" of paramedics and cops in New York. Faith tells Bosco that she's coming back to work, even though she's not sure she's ready, but since the department doctor says she's ready and she doesn't want counseling on her record, she's going to do it. Faith tells Bosco to request that they be partnered up again, even though Bosco thought she wouldn't want to be anywhere near him.

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