Recap Third Watch: Season 5, Episode 15 - No More, Forever

Third Watch Season 5 Episode 15 - No More, Forever

Faith goes back to work even though Fred tries to convince her not to. Bosco lies to Faith that he talked to the boss about them partnering up again. When Faith finds out, Bosco tells Faith he can't be responsible for her getting hurt anymore, but Faith basically tells him he has no choice in the matter. A desperate Allie Nardo kidnaps Bosco in order to get Bosco to tell his fellow mob bosses that he wasn't a rat. Bosco does so, but they both know it's not really going to do any good. Nardo gives Bosco his mother back and commits suicide, asking Bosco to tell his family that he died like a man and didn't go into witness protection. Monroe wakes up at home, and not only is Doc gone, but her off-duty gun is missing too. Doc shows up late to work, wearing his dress uniform, and immediately shoots the annoying Captain Steeper. He threatens the rest of the paramedics, telling them not to help Steeper for at least 15 minutes, because that's how long people in this neighborhood would have to wait for medical help if Steeper closed down their house. Carlos, and then Kim, simply defy Doc and care for Steeper, trusting that Doc won't actually shoot his friends. The cops across the street become aware of the hostage situation in the firehouse, and ESU sets up snipers on the rooftops. Sully barely keeps Doc from getting shot in the head, and manages to talk the disturbed and tired paramedic into surrendering the gun and himself peacefully.

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