Recap Third Watch: Season 5, Episode 18 - Purgatory

Third Watch Season 5 Episode 18 - Purgatory

Monroe is temporarily suspended after her gun is used in the course of a crime. Wracked with guilt and preoccupied, she accidentally rear-ends a car, causing an explosion that kills a child in the car's backseat. Meanwhile, a combative Cruz confronts new firefighter and former cop J.D. Hart (recurring guest star JOE SIKORA - "Normal") about their shared history, all of which intrigues Yokas. As Davis comforts the grief-stricken Monroe, he must also make time to take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) exam with Sullivan. A new guy, J.D. Hart, joins the fire department. Everyone quickly learns about his past as a cop who testified against some of his fellow law-enforcers when Cruz picks a fight with him in the street. Sasha, who tries to to argue her way out of her suspension, rear-ends another car on the way home. The car bursts into flames, and a boy in the passenger seat of the car dies because of the air bags. Sasha is a mess, blaming herself for the boy's death. Thanks to some quick-thinking from new fireman J.D. and Sasha's friends on the force, it soon becomes clear that Sasha was trapped in an insurance fraud plan and is not to blame. Sasha still thinks God is punishing her for bending a few rules lately. Faith assures J.D. that Cruz is not popular, and that J.D. is okay in her book. Faith's family feels ignored at home when she gets wrapped up in cop life again. Sully and Ty take the LSATs together, even though Ty is late getting there because he was helping Sasha.

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