Recap Third Watch: Season 5, Episode 20 - In Plain View

Third Watch Season 5 Episode 20 - In Plain View

Mikey's lawyer, Lester Martin, manages to get Mikey released on a technicality by ambushing and humiliating Bosco in court. Later, a 911 call brings Faith and Bosco to the Martins' home where their daughter, Rebecca, is unconscious, and her mother, Jan, is mildly hysterical. Jan says Rebecca choked, but when the doctor says that Rebecca was beaten, Faith arrests Jan. Jan screams for her husband and faints, and when the doctors treat her they realize she's covered in just as many bruises as her daughter. Faith explores the Lesters' apartment and finds strange squalid living conditions behind the elegant facade. Faith and Bosco arrest Lester for abusing his wife. Sully's favorite coffee shop proprietor is shot and killed during a robbery, and Sully goes after the perp personally. Sasha realizes Ty has feelings for her, and tells him that she's not ready for anything serious right now, but she can't help falling for his charming ways. Fred is colder and colder towards Faith, and Faith doesn't know what to do about it. Bosco is worried that Cruz is moving too fast on Mikey's information, and is putting Mikey in danger.

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