Recap Third Watch: Season 5, Episode 21 - Higher Calling

Third Watch Season 5 Episode 21 - Higher Calling

A new paramedic, Grace Foster, is transferred to the 55. She and Carlos immediately face off, and find they appreciate each other's attitudes. Sully and Ty discover a headless torso, and the body is finally identified as Bosco's brother, Mikey. Bosco is inconsolable, and tries first to blame Lester Martin and then Sergeant Cruz for Mikey's death. It turns out that Donald Mann, the father of Joey Mann (the drug-dealer that was killed in the car chase with Cruz, Bosco, Faith, and Sergeant Wynn) is behind Mikey's death, and he has more suffering in store for Bosco. Faith can't leave Rebecca's side, to the point of ignoring her own family for two days. Rebecca comes out of her coma. Faith finds out just how insane Jan Martin is, and that Rebecca was actually an illegal adoption, not the Martins' real child. Faith and Sasha hunt down Rebecca's real mother and engineer a happy reunion. Lester is arrested for kidnapping. When Faith finally gets home, she finds that Fred has left with the kids. Kim hasn't been feeling well, but blames it mostly on some bad Chinese food.

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