Recap Third Watch: Season 5, Episode 22 - Monsters

Third Watch Season 5 Episode 22 - Monsters

Faith talks to Fred about his leaving, and he admits that he's met someone else. Cruz tries to make peace with Bosco just before his brother's wake, but Bosco isn't interested. Carlos continues to pursue Grace, who's head-strong ways get on everyone's nerves. Jelly Grimaldi has a new suit. Donald Mann plans to have all the cops that he blames for his son's death eliminated during his son's funeral, and he gets some help from a cop on the inside. Cruz takes her anti-crime unit on a raid, except Yoshi says he wants to sit this one out because he wants to go to Bosco's brother's wake. Sergeant Wynn gets a tip and takes her narcotics team to the piers to bust Mann. Ty and Sasha, who are acting more and more like a couple, along with Sully and Faith, attend Bosco's brother's wake. At the same time, a bomb goes off in the apartment that Cruz is raiding, a bomb goes off on the pier where Sergeant Wynn's team is, and a car drives into the building where the wake is. Luckily, the driver of the car, who's wife is being held by Mann's people, doesn't get up the nerve to set off his bomb, and instead surrenders to the cops. Bosco's mother is seriously injured by the car, and Grace performs a tracheotomy in the field, for which Dr. Field says he'll have her license. Kim won't enter the building with the bomb because she's pregnant. Sergeant Wynn dies, but everyone else survives. At the hospital, the cops get together and figure out who's after them. When Mann finds out that Wynn was the only one of his targets that actually died, he sends an attack squad to the hospital to eliminate the offending cops once and for all. Cruz, Bosco, Ty and Faith are all together in the waiting room when one of the gunmen opens fire on them with a machine gun.

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