Let your gleek flag fly!

Only two episodes of the new hit musical show; 'Glee', and I am already hooked!

After its jump start onto our screens, it is continuing to rocket!

Lets just hope it doesn't lose its charm too quickly.

The Emma & Will and Rachel & Finn relationships have moved very fast for my liking but have successfully worked on getting the audience hooked. I am sure the 'tweenies' have already started to flood YouTube with fan videos of their newly loved couples.

Episode 2, 'Showmance' was not a disappointment and lived up to the audiences expectations, with its overproduced musical numbers and tragic relationships. However this is the attraction of the show, and I know it has worked on me, among many others.

After Jayma Mays role in 'Ugly Betty' as the unlikeable, conniving Charlie, I thought I would find it hard to like her 'Glee' character, Emma. However it took a whole 20 seconds for me to adore as well as relate myself to her.

Jane Lynch is by far the most humorous character with her overreactions and forward quotes. I truly hope that we have a lot more unexpected, comical moments ahead from 'Sue'.

I know that if the shows continues on giving the audience what they want, cheesy numbers and 'cute' 'Wilemma' & 'Rachinn' moments then the only way is up for 'Glee'!


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