Lights Out 1.03 "The Shot" Review

Another year older, another year wiser. This old adage is usually coupled with a birthday but, this weeks episode of Lights Out proves that this isn't just true for birthdays. While Lights was able to celebrate a nice family birthday, little did he know of the turmoil that would be coming his way in the future.

I got really excited this week when Death Row showed up at Lights' house. Granted it was a brief appearance this week and it was only to gloat to Lights about his success but, I fell like this one meeting gave us the viewers a glimpse into what can become of the upcoming fight between the two. As re-said by Lights in the previous scene "I won the fight", we know that Death Row has a very different view of what has happened. My only wish in the next couple of weeks is that we the viewers can see what actually happened at the end of the Death Row/Lights fight. It will be nice to see how the downfall of Lights began. Read More...


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