White Collar 2.11 "Forging Bonds" Review

Flashback episodes are always, always tricky. And I always say this. But that is because it’s true. As a writer, you run the risk of spending too much time on pointless details, creating backstories that aren’t important or generally going against what the fans thought happened "back then." This seems to be particularly true for a series with a moderately sized mythology wherein the fans could definitely like the background context given to a character or a situation, but they don’t necessarily need it.

White Collar feels like that kind of program. In theory, dipping back into the past and finding out how Neal became an expert con, how he met Kate, what Peter was doing to catch Neal, etc. seems like a really fun idea. But it’s also not information that the plot or the characters must have/experience in the present to keep the overall narrative moving forward. The series has done a good job of discussing past issues between Neal and Peter or Neal and Mozzie or whomever else thus far. And after watching "Forging Bonds," I mostly feel like the series could have just as easy executed the beats about Neal and Kate and the new big bad with nearly the same amount of effectiveness in a present day story. Read More...



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