COUGAR TOWN “Lost Children” Review

COUGAR TOWN "Lost Children" Season 2 Episode 13 – When Jules manages to break her TV remote thereby saving the crew from having to endure a documentary that decidely does not have Superman in it, she comes up with a game to help them relive their childhood. This doesn’t sit well with Ellie who has grown tired of Jules always deciding what games the reindeer will play. Meanwhile, Bobby has been hiding his new girlfriend, Sam, for fear the crew will judge her and Andy holds a grudge against Grayson and his ribbing as it reminds him of a painful childhood.

So am I the only one that thought the Sardines in a Can game was genius? Maybe not practical, but fun anyway. Although maybe I was confused on the rules. I thought everyone hid and only one person sought, but it seems only Ellie hid and everyone else was seeking. In any event, not only was it a unique game, but it also gave Ellie some satisifaction when Jules had to beg her to show herself. It also highlighted for me the heart of the show. How often does a stranger come into the picture and just accept what is happening like when Sam showed up and then jumped right into the bed of the trunk lodging between Andy? She even muffled Tom although somewhat reluctantly. Read More...


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