CHASE “Narco Part 2'' Review

CHASE "Narco Part 2? Season 1 Episode 13 – Chase creator Jennifer Johnson once described Annie and her team as a family, with Annie and Jimmy as either mom and dad or brother and sister, depending on the situation. Tonight we got to see how this family reacts when one of their own is taken away.

At the end of the episode, Jimmy claimed that he had no regrets for anything that he did. I believe that he meant that, even despite doing things like kidnapping one man and turning him over to the Satevo cartel so that they could beat information out of him, then basically doing the same thing himself with Cordova to find out where Annie was and finally accepting help from the Satevo cartel to arrest Cordova. What I have to wonder though is whether or not he will feel the same way down the line when this comes back to bite him in the ass because, well, doesn’t it always? Not that I’m sorry he did any of the things he did. Read More...


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