'American Idol' recap: Now That's What I Call a Sob Story!

Wednesday's auditions episode American Idol took place in Milwaukee -- home of Danny Gokey, who now stands on the other side of the line of thousands of people and keeps the arena crowds alive with his comedy. As soon as I finish weeping about Chris Medina's brain injury-addled fiancée and questioning what it all means and why I can't ever appreciate anything I have, such as the abilities to type and snack.... I will move on.

[An hour passes.]

Yeah, I'm still not over it. We've seen a lot of great singers at this point, but the high point of the first three episodes by far belongs to wise old loon Steven Tyler, who crouched over a young woman's wheelchair, kissed her repeatedly in a compassionate dad way, got right up into her impenetrable personal space and made sure she knew: "He sings so well because he sings for you." Chris' audition will probably be something Idol fans always remember. Check it out, here's a song Chris wrote for Juliana on what would have been their wedding day. I can't stop looking at the Facebook page her friends created for her. It all feels so invasive -- what I'm doing now, what they did on the show -- but I guess this is just what happens on reality TV (and the next day on the internet). Every viewer knows the feeling. I'm so uncomfortable but I just can't stop! Read More...



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