AMERICAN IDOL “Milwaukee Auditions” Review

AMERICAN IDOL Season 10 Episode 3 "Milwaukee Auditions" – Well, this is embarrassing, I have to admit it. The prior two episodes of American Idol hadn’t given us much in the way of actual talent (Kosovo girl Melinda Ademi was pretty good, and that kid with the Carrot Top hair wasn’t bad either), so I was all set to make my inaugural American Idol critique all about the judges.

That was all anyone was really talking about anyway: How would A.l. do with these new judges? Or really: How could it survive without Simon? I had it all set up and ready, the first five paragraphs of my review pre-written and rarin’ to go. This was going to be about Randy "Same Old Act" Jackson, and Jennifer "The Sober Paula" Lopez, and Ryan "He Sure Looks Bored" Seacrest. Read More...


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