'Justified' 2.02 'The Life Inside' Advance Review

Only two weeks left until the return of Justified, and my look into season two continues with a sneak peek at episode two, "The Life Inside." It's a series of bad days for Raylan Givens, but it certainly makes for some great television.

Remember what I said last week about the show keeping strong continuity? The episode begins with needing to take care of loose ends from the season premiere - for the Bennett family and for Raylan, who tracks down Boyd at the site of his new venture. "Life don't hand out too many second chances, Boyd," he warns him. "I just hope you take advantage of yours." The question is if Boyd's latest realization is sincere - and even if it is, if it will keep him out of trouble. We know from season one that while he honestly did find religion, it didn't keep him from a world of hurt. I miss having Walton Goggins on screen as much as he was last season, but it makes perfect sense; when someone has to sort themselves out, you don't necessarily hear from them as much as you used to, and so Boyd is not with us as much as he once was. After all, he probably left season one with more baggage than anyone. Read More...



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