Cougar Town Review: "Lost Children"

This week's episode, "Lost Children," brought in a couple laughs, but mainly more awes for bringing the group closer together.

Jules decided that she wanted the group, even Tom, to play a new game she invented called sardines in a can. At first, I wasn't sure not only what in the heck this game was (I found myself feeling kinda felt like Bobby, but even he got it!), but also where it was going.

Ellie is the first to hide and by doing so, she takes a stand against Jules. Telling her, in front of the rest of the group, that she is the evil dictator and everyone always does what she wants.

I was just as shocked as Laurie. Even though Ellie is notoriously known to be the mean one in the group; she's always had a soft spot for Jules. Even last week, she came to defend her bestie. So Ellie, what gives? Maybe it's that time of the month...


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