CRIMINAL MINDS “The Thirteenth Step” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS "The Thirteenth Step" Season 6 Episode 13 – Sydney and Ray are newlyweds and killers, on a spree of obliteration across middle America to shoot, beat and terrify shop clerks and AA meetings. It could have been horrible, but with skilled writing, inspired directing and brilliant casting in Adrianne Palicki (Tyra on Friday Night Lights) and Jonathan Tucker, this episode stood out from the rest of Criminal Minds‘ catalogue.

There is a reason film is often called a "director’s medium" and television a "writer’s". With usually 22 episodes to a season, it is hard enough to film the episodes on time, let alone attempt to instil episodes with artistry. This episode of Criminal Minds used sharp editing and creative shots and cameras to great risky effect. The risks did not always pan out – I was not too fond of the voiceover dialogue in the motel room, but then I wasn’t fond of that technique when Danny Boyle used it in Shallow Grave. I did however love Doug Aarniokoski’s (the director of the episode if is to be believed) use of an iPhone to record Ray’s father’s introduction scene. Read More...


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