Friday Night Lights Recap: Budget Crisis

Like Vince into Arnett Mead’s ill-fated goal line stand we too may have jumped a bit prematurely last week when we declared that the Taylors were staying put in Dillon. Of course, Vince eventually course-corrected and, in typically miraculous fashion, won the game (thus sending the Lions to state). But we’re suddenly a lot less optimistic about Gracie Bell’s chances of attending East Dillon High — and it’s not because she will trigger her genetic doomsday code well before reaching the meaningless Earth-year designation of "teenager." Last week, Coach Taylor announced that he planned on staying "home" in Dillon. And Coach Taylor is not a liar! But, as "The March," made clear, the decision might not be his to make at all.

But before we go micro, let’s talk macro. There were a lot of moments to like in "The March." But there were far too many moments! We don’t envy the producers in this situation: It’s nigh-on impossible to wrap up every loose plot, give respectful screen time to every beloved character and still tell whatever story this season has been building to in the first place. But there were literally four football games crammed into this one hour! It was some artful and evocative fast-forwarding, to be sure — loved the pregame prayer into the beautiful, otherworldly shot of the Lions being pelted with bubblegum, ditto Luke’s game-winning pick-six and the graceful intimacy of seeing every player palm the Sharpie before it crosses off the magic number. But, yeah, besides Vince’s far-fetched clock-killing drive in the semifinal, the Lions’ inevitable march to state was treated like a Whole Foods shopping expedition on Top Chef: a perfunctory appetizer before the essential main course. Read More...


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