BLUE BLOODS “Family Ties” Review

BLUE BLOODS "Family Ties" Season 1 Episode 12 – There was a lot of history in this episode. First up there was Frank’s past with Bushenko, the father of the murder victim on Danny’s case. Though I did appreciate how that allowed Frank to become a part of the case a little bit himself. I was worried when I first started watching this show that Frank was going to do nothing but sit behind a desk. Since Tom Selleck was a big draw for me to watch this show, that didn’t appeal to me much. So I’m glad to see they keep finding ways to bring him onto the cases and into the stories.

In this one, Frank couldn’t help but to feel some sympathy for a man who had just lost a son, but I’m glad that he still vowed to get the son of a bitch. The final scene with Danny arresting Bushenko was like watching everything come full circle, with the son carrying out the duties of the father.

The other history was between Jackie and her old school chum Anna. I think it was interesting how we got to see a glimpse of where Jackie’s life could have ended up had she gone in another direction. It was a very scary direction too, considering it ended with a mother deciding to murder her daughter’s fiancé to save her from the life she had lived. Seems to me that Jackie made the right choice. Read More...


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