Prison Break Season 4 Episode 13 Deal or No Deal

**Review contains spoilers**

So another week, another episode of Prison Break, and yet another twist for us all to swallow. For me, it worked pretty well, and what I like is that it gives the power back to Michael and co, and put Self on the backfoot. After being less than happy with last week's episode, I was pleasantly surprised this week, and thoroughly enjoyed the episode.

The main focus of this episode was dealing with the fallout of Self's betrayal. Things certainly got more than a little confusing at times with the double crossings that were going on, and at times things felt a little chaotic. All that we really need to know is that there will be no widespread manhunt for the brothers, and that the records of Self's deal with the Brothers seem to of disappeared. So it now looks like the rest of the season will be focusing on the conflict between Michael, Self and Gretchen as they try to out-maneuver each other.

The details of Self's plan were revealed this episode, with the introduction of the new Scylla buyer. What the future holds for Self now that Michael holds a part of Scylla is unclear, and it will be interesting to see if he will meet the same fate of the two other new characters introduced in season 4, Roland and Wyatt. For me, Self's meeting with the Scylla buyer didn't really work for me. All I was thinking was why didn't they just kill Self and Gretchen and take Scylla? You would expect Self to be more suspicious and have more protection when meeting the buyer.

As you may of gathered from my review last week that I wasn't exactly pleased with the twist of Self's betrayal, mainly because it would make for a terrible second half of the season. This episode went someway to alleviate those fears, as I can now see the rest of this season panning out quite nicely. I think this is partly because once again it makes bringing down the Company a real possibility. For me that is Add into that the need for revenge on Self, and there's plenty for the Brothers to be doing for the rest of the season.

Two characters who have previously appeared untouchable, Gretchen and the General, both showed signs of vulnerability this episode. The General smashed his glass, before shooting one the Scylla card holders, a dramatic change from his usual calm and controlled demeanor. Similarly, Gretchen appeared both scared and vulnerable (words usually reserved to describe her victims) when Self and T-Bag held her daughter and sister at gunpoint.

And T-Bag's still alive and kicking too. At this point I've stopped questioning the plausibility (is that a word??) of T-Bag still being involved in proceedings, and simply marvel at the staying power of one of the show's most beloved characters. T-Bag is a character that could easily have been excluded from any point in season 1 onwards, yet here he is, at the forefront of things in the middle of season 4. Credit to Robert Knepfer, who always do a brilliant job with the character.

Mahone also exited the show this week. We're unsure for how long, but surely he will return at some point this season, to have a proper send-off (if this season is the show's last). It seems like a logical decision to remove Mahone at this point of the series, as things are already pretty complicated, and additional characters such as himself and Sucre will only serve to complicate things further for the audience. That being said Mahone has been one of my favourite characters since his introduction in season 2, and it is a shame we won't be seeing him for a while.

So all in all, I enjoyed this week's episode. It got rid of some of my issues with the Self-betrayal storyline, and I'm reasonably confident the rest of the season (which perhaps will be the end of the show) will play out in a decent way. I'm not entirely sure how they plan to wrap up all of the current storylines, but personally, I'm happy with how the show's shaping up this season.

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Dec 5, 2008 5:55PM EST

"once again it makes bringing down the Company a real possibility"
Why are you still backing the possibility to bring down the company.
It has been said many times its impossible and it is.
lest think about the information we have about the company and Scylla.what could be so important that the company have locked away in a secret "untouchable" safe room which needs 6 cards to decode and unlock to even obtain Scylla. not too mention its at the bottom of the company building that the general (is he at the top?) guards so well. What sort of device would you go to such extreme levels to make it virtually impossible to get hold off.
Also Gretchen said this episode there's only a about 5 people in the world that would buy it and know what to do with it.
So when we think about it what is Scylla, what could possibly make this small device have so much power and be only known to a few people in the world.
They key is there you just have to find it. What else could hold such power.
Just think what you could do with such power if you was a potential buyer off Scylla and got your hands on it.
Looking at the buyers criminals, Gang leaders, what do they all want. Power. Money.
And what could give them total control, power and money over the whole world.

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