Prison Break Season 4 Episode 10 The Legend

With the quest to get the six Scylla cards finished with, the focus of Prison Break now seems to of shifted onto the break-in, with the group plotting to break in to the Company and steal Scylla. With Gretchen apparently working on getting the sixth card, things are moving forward at a fast past, with the group now very close to being able to grab Scylla. One has to wonder where the show will go next if the Brothers successfully bring down the Company.

For the most part I enjoyed this episode, I think the multiple narratives worked well and it was a nice twist with T-Bag's receptionist turning out to be working with Don Self. Now that T-Bag is aware of this fact, it will be interesting to see how that storyline plays out in upcoming episodes. Gretchen, who I've never really been a fan of, was quite likable in this episode, bantering with T-Bag, and for the first time breaking away from the emotionally dead, evil persona that we've seen in season 3 and so far this season. We're still unsure where her allegiance lies, and she always adds excitement to a scene, with us never really knowing what to expect next from her.

Bellick's death was given due attention, with characters like Sucre and Sara taking time to reflect on their experiences with Bellick, and when Sucre tells Lincoln how Bellick saved his life in Panama, we also learn that it was T-Bag who had started the fire in Sona, which allowed him, Sucre and Bellick to escape. It was surprisingly moving when the group gather around Bellick's body towards the end of the episode, but it was a shame we never got to see Bellick's mum, or hear Sucre give her the news of his death.

We also meet David Baker, the apparent architect of the Scylla facility, who is visited by Mahone seeking help with Scylla. At the end of the episode Baker is taken by the Company to help move Scylla to a place in Pennsylvania, with Mahone narrowly avoiding capture himself. It is ultimately Baker's wife who helps Mahone, giving him the legend for the blueprint that Michael has, which finally allows Michael (who also receives the rest of the blueprint from Gretchen) to see the entire map of Scylla for the first time.

At the end of the episode we are shown the problem now facing the group: how to break through the huge wall separating them and Scylla, and how to grab the briefcase without triggering the alarms. This will be the focus of the show for the foreseeable future, with some kind of Mission Impossible style break-in probably on the cards, with Michael already claiming he is working on something with regards to breaking down the wall. I'm not really sure how the rest of the season is intended to pan out, all I do know is that in maybe 3 or 4 episodes there will be the mid-season finale, then there will likely be 12 episodes or so after Christmas. Maybe the break-in is intended to last the whole of the season, or maybe we will see a new storyline after the Christmas break, personally I don't mind; I've really enjoyed this season so far, and imagine I will enjoy future episodes just as much.

Any comments/criticisms appreciated, review a little shorter this week, I know I haven't mentioned Michael's illness, it's mainly because that storyline really irritates me, although I did enjoy Michael and Sara at the hospital together, reminds us that they outside of everything Michael is doing to bring down the Company, they are suppose to be in a relationship.


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Nov 12, 2008 6:42AM EST

I thought it was funny how the writers had to flat out show us Bellicks body, to prove they weren't going to pull another Sara. Lol. But I liked this episode and I hope they don't kill of Michaels character, it's a possibility if this is the last season. Michael, Sucre & Lincoln live = I'll be happy.

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