'Friday Night Lights': The wind from one door closing... makes us cry for an hour


These final episodes of "Friday Night Lights" have brightened on some fronts. The Lions are back on the straight and narrow, buoyant bluegrass plays during most scenes and we're lingering a little bit longer on establishing shots and montages of Dillon. It's almost over, and the writing is on the wall. But, to quote another beloved and departed series, it's not all hugs and puppies. The freshly paroled Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) just isn't the long-haired free spirit he used to be. He's a man beleaguered by anger, resentment and regret. So naturally he's taking it out on those closest to him. Billy (Derek Phillips) probably deserves this, but Becky (Madison Burge) doesn't. (Not that we don't agree with his questioning of her working at the Landing Strip). Also? Vince (Michael B. Jordan) is a sweetheart again, so we need someone to be sort of a jerk. The Lions won their recent play-off game, and...



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