COMMUNITY “Celebrity Pharmacology” Review

COMMUNITY "Celebrity Pharmacology" Season 2 Episode 13 - Pierce turns an anti-drug play into drugs-yay! in the "Celebrity Pharmacology" episode of COMMUNITY, but Chang turns it all around.

Oh, Pierce. You bribe Annie and do your best to get kids hooked on drugs, but your ice cold father breaks my heart. That sad commercial was very well-done and I love how much backstory we get from such a small Pierce-Annie scene. Pierce may be a self-centered ass, but he has a gooey core and I like that we see glimpses of that every so often and then have him go right back to overbearing. As for Annie, who can blame her for taking the check? Of course she would want to latch on to anyone–she believed in a Period Fairy, for goodness’ sake. Not that I don’t completely wish there were such a thing, but wow. So much about Annie is explained in one sentence, keeping the exposition from feeling clunky. Read More...


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