'The Office': Five short films about Scranton (featuring David Brent)


"The Office" gave us a fairly low-key, slice-of-life episode on Thursday (Jan. 27) of the type that it doesn't do a ton of anymore. And while none of the various stories in "The Seminar" were all that big -- not even the Ricky Gervais-featuring cold open -- they all knitted together nicely to produce a warm, fun half-hour.The cold openYou can watch the opening scene here, and as I mentioned in that post, the show did a smart thing by confining David Brent to a one-on-one meeting with Michael outside of Dunder Mifflin. In addition to it just being fun to watch Gervais and Steve Carell work off one another, it also served as a reminder that, despite the ways in which Michael has become very much his own character over the years, there's still quite a bit of the template Gervais-as-Brent set in the BBC series.Andy's seminarAndy hits on an idea to increase his...



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