'Parks and Recreation' Season 3, Episode 2 Recap

Usually, shaking up a show's formula so early in a season isn't a great idea, especially when a show hasn't been around for awhile. Thankfully, though, a fun episode like 'The Flu' was written by the 'Parks and Rec' staff when they thought they'd be back in September instead of January. Had they written the episode knowing it would be delayed, we would have seen more of a reestablishment of what had gone on all those months ago. Instead, we go full bore into comedy, as a flu epidemic sweeps through Pawnee like a snowstorm through the Northeast.

The best part about this epidemic is that it helped us get to know Ben and Chris a little better. We found out that, in Chris' case, the finely-tuned optimism machine can be disrupted, and in a big way. And with Ben, we found out that he's not quite as cynical and beaten down as originally thought, especially when it comes to marveling at the governmental wonder that is Leslie Knope. Read More...



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