Parks and Recreation 3.02 "The Flu" Review

"The time is now. The place is Pawnee. Let's make history."

Upon rewatching last week's episode of Parks and Recreation it almost felt like a second pilot episode, though you'd be hard pressed to find a better and funnier pilot. I thought it was a great (re)introduction to the fantastic ensemble. This is now the third season of the show, but with the show in a new timeslot, there was a feeling in the air like this was a new beginning, and the show delivered on all fronts. Those of us who were already fans were delighted to see the characters we love back on our televisions, and the healthy Office lead-in undoubtedly got some new viewers on board with the Pawnee gang.

This week, the flu strikes Pawnee, but not even the flu could stop the laughs. April being in the hospital forces her and Ann to interact all day, giving April (who believes janitors and nurses are interchangeable) the chance to torment her with the press of a button. By the end of the episode, her torments cause Ann to snap, which actually makes her like Ann. All of Ron's lines are always gold, and I enjoyed that he brought April a care package of "magazines and lipstick...women's stuff." Read More...


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