ROYAL PAINS “Pit Stop” Review

ROYAL PAINS "Pit Stop" Season 2 Episode 14 – Hank rejects his chance at reality show fame while Evan does everything he can to find his in the "Pit Stop" episode of ROYAL PAINS.

Because there is so much else going on, the Share House medical mystery doesn’t interest me all that much, though Divya shares a nice rapport with Craig as she dispenses as much common sense as she does medicine. Eddie Shin is funny as the cynical producer, but this whole plot mostly feels like filler.

I suppose it really was only a matter of time before the show put Jill and Emily in bed together. "Dear Penthouse Forum." Evan’s high five attempt is funny and Hank is adorably clueless. Even though Emily is the one who has most recently been in Hank’s bed, she seems like a third wheel as Hank and Jill circle each other so carefully. "I won’t be uncomfortable. Will you be uncomfortable?" I’m not the biggest Emily fan, though I do enjoy her bickering with Evan, but she’s rather wise with her assessment of Hank and Jill and I love how she says "No we shouldn’t. Not even a little bit" when Hank wants to discuss the unresolved feelings issue. Read More...


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