THE OFFICE “The Seminar” Review

THE OFFICE "The Seminar" Season 7 Episode 14 – First off, I loved Ricky Gervais’ cameo in this week’s episode of THE OFFICE. His exchange with Michael and the "that’s what she said!" moment, was probably the highlight of the episode for me.

"The Seminar" was a Andy centric episode, and for those of you that read my reviews, you know that Andy is pretty much my favorite part of The Office. I loved his explanation of his seminar when he said "I’m a terrible salesman. I haven’t been making any sales lately. Or ever."

Poor Andy!

His seminar was supposed to include Jim, Phyllis, Dwight, and Stanely as speakers, but Jim bows out and inexplicably vacates the premises when he sees on of the seminar’s attendees. The others decide to bail on Andy when they don’t feel that the clients will result in any paper sales for themselves; leaving Andy to find replacements. Read More...


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