I wanted to talk about this in my review of episode 4 but ran out of space. In that episode, we see Gretchen on the verge of escaping from the Company, and I have a really bad feeling about her storyline this season. I'm sure they are going to have Gretchen escape the Company, find the Brothers, and then help them find Scylla and take down the Company. I predict she will return to the Brothers with the location for the break-in, and they will be then forced to accept her help. Storyline sound familiar? That's because it would be pretty much an exact rehash of the Agent Kellerman storyline in Season 2. I hope I'm wrong but thats really how I see Gretchen's story developing this season.


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Sep 21, 2008 4:35PM EDT

Actually i may be wrong, however, it could well be that gretchen would team up with T-Bag for all we know!?? That would sort of spice the show up a little, rather than the plain obvious. I also personally feel they should end prison break in this season, end it with a bang, it's becoming to much for me. Too draggy unfortunately! Wasn't too pleased with the outcome in season 3! Not professionally handled in my opinion. That's why they need to redeem themselves. Who's with me?

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