'Parks and Recreation': Best episode ever? Yeah, probably


The season premiere of "Parks and Recreation" was funny, but it also had a lot of setup work to do -- reintroducing the characters, setting the stakes for the season, things like that.Thursday's (Jan. 27) episode, though? Out-and-out hilarious from the word go. "The Flu" featured brilliant work from Amy Poehler and Rob Lowe playing sick, an outstanding teamup of Ron and Andy, Ann finally losing her cool with April (at work, no less!) and Ben finally realizing that there may be a method to Leslie's madness. Leslie tries to power through a Chamber of Secrets Commerce meeting despite a 104-degree fever and, later, an oversized dose of flu medicine. Despite turning to the wall and saying to a poster, "Good evening, everyone. I'm Leslie Monster, and this is 'Nightline,'" she pretty much kills her presentation (up until the Q-and-A portion, at least), which leads Ben to compare her to Michael Jordan in the '97...



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