'Nikita' Season 1, Episode 11 Recap

'Nikita' ended its fall run with a few truly spectacular episodes, culminating in a plot point I'd long hoped for but couldn't believe they actually employed so early in the show's run. Alex's ascension to the rank of Agent was necessary for the show to evolve, but that didn't mean that show HAD to do it during the fall finale. It could have easily waited a season to have her graduate and push the show to the next level. But if tonight's episode 'Free' was an example of the show's New World Order, than maybe it's time to put her back inside of Division full-time.

What made 'Nikita' stand out, even in its weakest episodes, was its steadfast avoidance of certain tropes that mark shows on The CW. These tropes aren't exactly offensive or anything, but they do emphasize soap opera elements over all else. What holds true for Chuck Bass or 'Gossip Girl' also holds equally true for Clark Kent on 'Smallville'. The characters on 'Nikita' were never fully immune to such soapy elements, but those elements were largely held in check by the sticky business of taking down Division. Read More...



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