30 Rock 5.12 "Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning" Review

The lampooning to reality television is nothing new and usually, it's not all that funny. Don't get me wrong, though. Reality television deserves all the lampooning it can get, but a great many of the jokes are bland and derivative of jokes that have already been made. Some jokes, however, rise above expectations.Tonight's 30 Rock focused less on reality programming itself and more on viewers' investment in it.

In order to have a leg up on competition, Jack enlists the help of the TGS staff to produce disaster relief programming before any disasters happen. The writers, freaked out by the possibility of a disaster happening begin devising an escape plan and compete for a seat in Lutz's car. Tracy, shooting for his wife's reality show, begins behaving more erratically than before and Liz decides that she's had enough of his antics. Read More...



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