The Vampire Diaries 2.12 "The Descent" Recap

It's been too long, people, but The Vampire Diaries FINALLY returned to our screens tonight and we can't be more thrilled. The show picked right up where we left off in its midseason finale and didn't slow down one bit.

As a courtesy to our TVD reviewer, Emma, I've decided to try to shorten this recap as much as possible, because she will have a lot to elaborate on after tonight's offering. Key word here is "try" since a gazillion things happen and are revealed within ten minutes of the show. So enough "womp womp" from me, let's get to it!

Death (or Humanity) and All It's Friends

Rose is still suffering from her wolf bite and it's getting worse. As this happens, Rose recounts how she was born in 1450 and is pretty much not ready to die from something so frivilous. Damon tries to act like he doesn't care, but is failing miserably at it. Luckily, Elena stops by and Damon puts her on vamp-sitting duties while he goes to confront Jules, who during wolf state thenight before ate a group of campers and killed a cop who stumbled onto the scene. Talk about marking territory...


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