FAIRLY LEGAL “Priceless” Review

FAIRLY LEGAL "Priceless" Season 1 Episode 2 – Something I’m beginning to dig about Kate is the fact that she doesn’t just talk about her client’s problems, she’s also willing to get emotionally invested in these people, too. I mean taking a baseball bat to a convenience store in order to help a man finally reach the point where he could get angry about a terrible wrong that was done to him? Now that’s dedication.

The other thing that I’m discovering is that Lauren is really turning into a sympathetic character. I saw a few moments of that in the pilot but in this episode especially, I found myself feeling for her. She’s cold as ice (and now we know why that is) but that’s the way she’s getting through what is definitely a terrible loss for her. I think she might turn out to be another one of my favorite characters on the show, go figure. Read More...



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