AMERICAN IDOL “Nashville Auditions” Review

AMERICAN IDOL Season 10 Episode 4 "Nashville Auditions" – I guess it’s appropriate the episode started with an off-key, screaming man with fake, spray-on red hair. Because that’s about how I was feeling fifteen minutes into the show. So much for Nashville giving us some country alternatives. Yikes.

Looks like it’s back to earth after the excellent Milwaukee auditions. It couldn’t last. The show was epitomized by that one guy in the all-over purple body suit named "?"

As in "What the—?" As in we’re questioning why we’re even here. As in "Riddle me this, Batman, why did we stop in Nashville if the car’s still running?"

Sure there were a few standouts. But all in all, this was freaking brutal, and I am now officially tired of Randy attempting to take Simon’s role as the "mean" one; the stunned looks and the bugged out eyes aren’t doin’ it, dawg. Lopez was predictably sleepy, and even Tyler looked a little lost. Actually, he looked happy to get out of there as much as he looked relived to have found some actual talent at the Nth hour. Read More...


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